Friday, October 1, 2010

An update

>Good news everyone!

Creative finally shipped my headset on the 29th.

The only shitty part of this situation is UPS blows dicks at doing anything in a timely manner.
Look at this, how does my package go from A to B in a single goddamn day, and then it is just sitting there.

And what the fuck? It went from Hodgkins, IL to Hodgkins, IN. I tried to look up Hodgkins, Indiana and all I found was a list of people asking why UPS showed the package going to a nonexistent place.

But I can't really complain about the contents of the package. Creative essentially gave me my shipping money and a little extra back. Well, the shipping from the initial RMA, they actually pre-paid this time.

And here is a giraffe or something.